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Do you wish to buy a stylish necklace? Do you wish to help charities to do good? This is the perfect opportunity to do both! Take a look at the quality products Eleos has to offer for very affordable prices. All of these have their own charity they support so don’t be afraid and give it a read!

You can contact us using our email or our Instagram eleos_ja

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A little about Eleos. We are a small, 5 person, team that joined the JA program to learn how to manage a business, overcome challenges, create and improve skills and overall have fun while doing something meaningful for others too.

Our products are pendants that come with a chain that all can wear for any occasion. They are made with stainless steel therefore they do not rust, we have tested this in chlorine water, normal shower water, salt water. The pendants and chains have remained as clean and sparkly and they were throughout.

We have 4 different styles of pendants and each represent a specific charity to which we will donate the final profits to. Sun and Butterfly pendants will help support the Migrant Women association. The Nature pendant will help Nature Trust and the Turtle pendant will support the Adopt a Turtle campaign.

The chains come with each pendants and the trick to our product is, if you wish to attach our pendants to a different existing necklace or bracelet you have, we have made it possible for you! Thaks to the inbuilt clip of the pendants, you are free to personalize any of our products!

If there are any other questions, queries or concerns please don’t be afraid to contact us using our email or our Instagram eleos_ja

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