‘From Strangers to Friends’ Card Game


This game is your UlTIMATE COMPANION for a good time.

But wait, there’s more! This game isn’t just an ordinary game—it’s about building connections!!!

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‘From Strangers to Friends’ is the one and only thing you will grab for your next group gathering. It’s the card game for new, authentic connections.

At From Strangers to Friends, we care about your mental health. Our game is created for the generation that grew up in covid times when we were all locked up. Now that we have unlocked our doors it is hard for some to make new friends, and this is why we want to help!

  • Sipping coffee at a cafe?☕️
  • Rocking out a party?🥳
  • Hanging out at the beach?🌊

With our extraordinary game GET READY to take the fun wherever you go!!

IT’S NOT JUST A GAME; it’s an adventure that transcends boundaries, bringing people together through thought-provoking questions, no matter who they are. 

The game consists of 45 unique cards and three sections which only get better and deeper as you go further.

– ‘Let’s Break the Ice’ 🧊, 15 fun and lightheaded questions to let people get to know you on the surface.

 – ‘Heart to Heart’ 💞, let’s get a bit more personal, we’re not just here to know your favourite colour, are we?

– ‘No Holding Back’ 🤗, we’re spilling it all on the table, share all of your thoughts and experiences, as much as you feel comfortable with.

The game was reviewed by a professional and certified psychologist!!🧠

The cards are locally produced to decrease our carbon footprint♻️ by avoiding shipping from abroad; we don’t only care about you, we also care about our planet🌍.

We don’t sell cards, we sell connections!

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8.9 x 6.4 cm (each card)