h2Lo 2 Litre Motivational Bottle


Product Description

Material: PC & PP plastic bottle, silicone rubber ring, silicone straw
Volume: 2000ml/2L 
Temperature Range: -10°C up to 80°C


  • Wide opening through which water and ice can be easily poured
  • Silicone straw that allows drinking without causing any spillage
  • Handle that makes it portable and easy to carry
  • Time markings (7am-9pm) that help you track your daily water intake
  • Motivational messages that encourage you to stay hydrated
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Did you know that the daily recommended water intake is 2 Litres?

We believe that with our 2-litre bottles, provided by motivational messages and time markings, we will help you reach your daily water intake goal! Having to fill it up once and lasting an entire day without the added worry of running out of water. Ideal for people with long shifts and those who are sportive and seek to improve their health.

Benefits of drinking 2L of water a day:

  • Maximises physical performance
  • Provides energy
  • Boosts skin health
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Delays the ageing process
  • Cleanses body from toxins

‘Creating harmony between hydration and health’

Health in today’s age has been given its utmost priority in a race against time. As people strive against stress, workload, family and commitments with little to no time for themselves. This is our little contribution to remind you of the importance of daily hydration for a body to work and focus better whilst putting your hydration and health first. It’s simply filling a bottle and taking a minute of your day.

We aspire to reach out and remind as many people as possible of the true importance of staying regularly hydrated!

Embarking on this mission means we make an effort in you and our community to keep track of their water consumption.

Facts and extensive research have taught us that water intake increases energy, relieves fatigue and is vital to all organs. Therefore, through our campaign, we hope to educate and improve the lives of our community.


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h2lo 2 Litre Bottle