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The sound reflector reflects sound waves towards your ears, leading to a more enjoyable watching and listening experience. It comes at a very cheap price, and is made out of recycled plastic, making it super flexible.

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Have you ever tried watching a video or listening to music in a noisy place, and wanted to listen to the sound and watch your screen at the same time, without the use of headphones? Have you ever wanted to hear louder, crisper sound of better quality?

Our sound reflector is perfect for you! The revolutionary sound reflector reflects sound waves towards where your phone or tablet’s screen is facing, leading to an overall, more enjoyable watching and listening experience.

Here’s an introduction to our product:

” As a JA mini-company, we aim to make the best possible product which can be utilised by many people, no matter who they are. We strive to be inclusive, and make our sound reflector very useful, so as to prove to be a successful team of young entrepreneurs. “

The sound reflector is made out of a 3D-printed recycled plastic variant called FiberFlex-40D and is extremely flexible and durable. Whether you bend it, throw it or stomp it, the sound reflector stays perfectly intact. Find out more about this here:

  • The reflector can fit on any type or size of phone or tablet, as it has a staircase mechanism. Therefore, it can hold onto any device, no matter the width.

  • The sound reflector is perfect for listening in noisy areas, and multiple people can enjoy your audio, without the need for headphones, earphones, or moving to somewhere quieter.

  • Our product is highly recommended towards teenagers and young adults, as this product easily matches their very technologically-endorsing lifestyle. The sound reflector is also recommended to the elderly, particularly old people who have hearing problems or impairments.

  • Our sound reflector is a great alternative to bulkier, electronic audio amplifiers. These products simply aren’t as convenient, and may require charging or plugging into a socket. Our product is miniature, compact and very flexible, making it a great portable tool, fitting right into your pocket.

  • The reflector also includes a keyhole, so you can store your fragile keys within a protective layer of practically, unbreakable plastic, leaving your mind at rest!

  • It contributes to society’s goals, as the product’s recyclability leaves a positive mark on the environment and promotes sustainability. This helps society move one step closer to an environmentally friendly planet because it does not make use of primary, raw materials.

  • The sound reflector currently comes in 3 base colours: white, grey and black. The price for a base colour is €6 each reflector, while other colours are up for €7 each. If you decide to order a custom coloured one, please make sure to contact us as soon as you order the products. If so, we can inform our suppliers in due course!

A photo of 4 sound reflectors, each being grey, white, orange and black.

A photo of 4 sound reflectors, each being grey, white, orange and black.





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Additional information

Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 6.4 × 4 × 1.6 cm

Grey, White, Black, Custom


Recycled Plastic FiberFlex 40D