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We are Sweet Expressions, a JAYE Mini-Company  that offers a variety of sweets in reusable cotton bags. The bags have a cool logo and can be reused and recycled. The brand aims to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability. 🍬🌎


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Do you love sweets but hate the waste🍬🌎? The upcoming candies will be rocking a cool and sustainable look, packaged in a reusable cotton bag with its own awesome logo. Sweet Expressions proudly presents a refined selection of sweets, including Fruit Rings, Fruit Pastilles, Vegan Cola Bottles, Dolly Mixture, Vidal Twisted Hearts, Watermelon Slices, and Dew Drops.

What’s even better than enjoying a nice sugary treat? Helping the planet on the side, of course! With our practical reusable bags, you won’t need to deal with disposing of plastic packaging. Additionally, our reusable cotton bags are versatile for various business purposes!

As a responsible and proactive business, we are dedicated to taking concrete steps to fight against climate change and its harmful consequences. We align our actions with Global Goal 13, which calls for “Climate Action” from all sectors of society. We aim to support our communities by raising their awareness of environmental issues and empowering them to make positive changes. 🌍

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Additional information

Logo colour

To stay all cute and festive, our company is adding some extra logo colors that are just perfect for the Jolly Christmas season. They'll totally match our adorable logo and cotton bag, making everything super sweet and even more irresistable! 🎄
1.Blue logo
2.Green logo
3.Yellow logo with Christmas tree
4.Pink logo with Baby Jesus
5.Violet logo with Baby Jesus
6.Blue logo with Baby Jesus