‎ ‘Tiftakards’ – Malta Edition


Our 3-in-1 Malta-themed card game will leave you and your loved ones bursting with joy! 🎉

The perfect blend of entertainment and education, Tiftakards will have you longing for more whilst celebrating Malta’s beautiful culture!

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Sold By: ReMind


Unleash endless fun with our 3-in-1 card game!

Containing 24 pairs of uniquely designed cards, Tiftakards is filled with challenges suitable for all ages.
Not only can you play our three recommended modes, but you can also search for our mascot,  Nannakola 🐞, hiding within each of the cards!

At ReMind, we prioritise environmental sustainability, community values, and local craftsmanship.

We have our product:

  • Made with Eco-Friendly materials ♻️
  • Produced locally 🇲🇹
  • Delivered with a minimised carbon footprint 🌏⚡
  • Support dementia patients ⚕️
      • All profits given to the Malta Dementia Society

Our eco-friendly materials ensure that your joyous moments don’t come at the expense of the environment. Elevate your experience – dive into a world where every card tells a story by using the exclusive QR code on the inside of the box!

So, why settle for ordinary? An adventure that brings families together one card at a time. Unbox your memories, discover Malta’s heritage, find Nannakola, and let the games begin!